As parents, we need support systems. Support galaxies. We need family and friends, neighbors and partners, babysitters and teachers. We even need random know-it-all moms on the Internet.

Study after study shows that kids and parents flourish when communication is clear, honest and engaged.

That’s why we created aParently.

aParently uses best-in-class workplace technology to organize parents’ lives. No more important communication vanishing into the morass of email. Our goal is to bring a little zen to parenting with a single, secure communication platform.

aParently is for all parents. Class parents. Single parents. Stay-at-Home parents. Work-Round-the-Clock parents. At aParently, we believe that our circles enlighten us, support us, and raise us up. We believe in being generous with service, and conservative with "shoulds." We believe in letting go of remorse, perfectionism and self-criticism. Guilt-Inbox Zero.

Let’s celebrate the small victories, like getting that parent-teacher conference on the calendar, signing up to be a chaperone, or packing that bag lunch for the field trip. Getting that stuff done is a d@%# miracle sometimes. Let’s make it easier on ourselves—by being in it together.